Project Experience

Solution Architect, Common Services, Talent Squad

Solution Architect, Common Services, Talent Squad
Solution Architect, Common Services, Talent Squad


To offer complete financial solution and service to various segments of retail, micro, SME and corporate business in Indonesia, and for Indonesian Nation and Country as a whole; To provide valuable opportunity for the professional growth of the Bank BTPN employees; To create significant and sustainable values for the stakeholders, including for Indonesian society; To use technology innovation as the main differentiator to provide the best quality and experience in its class to the Bank BTPN clients and partners.


To become the first choice bank in Indonesia, which give significant change in the life of millions of people, mainly with the support of digital technology.


Customer First: Focus on serving our customers

Proactive and Innovative: Step up and continue to innovate

Speed (Agile): Embrace change and move fast

Quality: Maintain quality of our service

Synergy: Collaborate as one team

Project Experiences


As a Solution Architect, provide design and system architecture. Attending Architecture Forum and discussing best solution design


Working in Agile Methodology, ensure every squad doing the agile ceremonies and deliver business value and customer value (Velocity Team). Meeting and discussing backlog from other community/division Agile Ceremonies: Daily huddle/stand up, Inception, Grooming, Planning, and Retro


Interview, People Assignment, Academy Training are daily activities as a talent squad. Ensure that every squad resources fulfilment well. Responsible to CHIP academy training